Murfreesboro TN Is Home To These Three Wonderful Restaurants

It is quite easy for me to tell you how special the city of Murfreesboro TN is because I lived there for 6 years. Cities close by include Smyrna, Antioch, Mt Juliet and of course Nashville TN, among others. Let’s get to looking a little more closely at the metropolitan city of Murfreesboro TN though, and I want to give you the names of three good restaurants for you to eat at while you explore the area.

Are you ready to eat an enormous and great looking burger? Buster’s Place is a good spot for that burger. There are a few main strips or roads in Murfreesboro, and this restaurant is located on one of them, Broad Street. What’s really cool about Broad Street is it eventually turns into Murfreesboro Road, which is a straight shot and the back door way into Nashville without having to hop on I 24.

The Alley on Main is another great restaurant, and it is known for delicious Italian cuisine. The establishment is of course located on Main Street. I mentioned there are a few main strips, and I told you about Broad Street. I wanted to tell you that Memorial Boulevard and Old Fort Parkway are two of the others. There is also East Clark Boulevard and others, and my first ever apartment was on Greenland Drive, 816 Greenland Drive to be exact, 2nd story, all the way to the left hand side.

That’s enough of memory lane for the moment though, and it is time to give you the name of one more restaurant. The Goat is located on Adwell, and it is known for mahi mahi tacos, pizza rolls, veggie wraps, wings and all kinds of delicious eats. Have fun stopping by these three establishments in Murfreesboro TN, and you will also enjoy the city in general. Murfreesboro TN is a great place.

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