The Great Race; Murfreesboro, TN

On Tuesday June 26, 2019 the Great Race stopped in Murfreesboro TN for lunch. All the local AACA Clubs and crowds of spectators stopped by Cannonsburgh Village to welcome all 120 cars to a little Southern Hospitality. What a great bunch of cars and participants.

It was obvious everyone was having a terrific time even with the hardships of driving old cars for 7 days and thousands of miles. This is how you keep the car love affair going and introducing it to our youth. Central Magnet High School here in town with the help of the local Stones River AACA Club entered a group of local students in this year’s event.

The students are driving a 1953 Pontiac Chieftan, that was purchased for them by the Stones River Car Club. The Stones River group has been a tremendous supporter of the student club and helped them locate the car in Oregon during the summer of 2015.

“The Stones River Club paid to have the car shipped here and then they had a day when everyone could get together, they opened up the garage door, it was there and all the kids got to see it at the same time,” Scott Culp said.

The exterior and interior of the car was in great shape and the engine ran decently, but the Chieftan required a lot of maintenance including brakes, suspension, a timing chain and eventually a new generator.

The Central team is the first high school group from Tennessee to compete in the Great Race.

They are not the only youth in the Race. There was a 16 year girl driving one of the cars with a a 14 year old girl as the navigator! Both have been participating for years with their parents but this year they are on their own.

Here are a few photos of cars as they were welcomed into Murfreesboro by Coker Tire’s Corky Co


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